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I have a 6.5 month old GSD/pit/lab mix pup who still has a serious biting problem. Is that normal for this age? He’s basically done teething and the biting seems to come more out of aggression.

Our biggest problem is when out on walks because its really difficult to know how to discipline him. When he bites at home, we turn our backs and go in another room but that’s a lot harder to do on walks. We often end up needing to pick him up to get him to stop (it hurts WAY too much to simply ignore it), but now he puts up a fight when we try to lift him.

My husband thinks he’ll grow out of this soon, but I’m really worried he won’t…. the aggressive biting seems different than teething biting as it’s almost impossible to distract him away with a toy. It almost seems like the biting is a game for him and I don’t know how to change that mentality, especially when outside.

Also – he has not been neutered yet. I understand this could help with aggression, but due to some bone and soft tissue injuries as a very young pup, we’ve decided to wait as long as we possibly can to neuter him in order to give him the best musculoskeletal support possible.

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