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Hi all, I'll try to make this as short as possible. My dog and I live in a busy apartment complex with a lot of other dogs. Around a year ago I lived in a house and the next door neighbors dog attacked me and her, and me her and my other dog on separate occasions which unfortunately resulted in the death of my second.

She's traumatized, I am too. She's always been a good, well-behaved dog. Since then and moving into my apartment, going on walks, etc. if she sees another dog she starts barking, I can't get her to focus on me at all or stop. She doesn't seem aggressive, and never has been with other animals or humans prior to the incident, but if a dog walks up to her to sniff she sometimes will snip or show teeth. Has never bitten another dog or human. Doesn't get snippy with people but I find she is barking at children now, as well. Particularly larger dogs she's afraid of as the attacking dog was quite large.

How do I take control over this? She does well in boarding. Doesn't play, just keeps to herself mostly, but doesn't bite or growl. It's just the public and apartment scenarios, I think mostly to do with me being present vs. not. Getting in the elevator with another dog is a nightmare. Passing someone on the sidewalk with another dog is a nightmare. I'm scared to take the steps I know of to re-socialize her, like a dog park, because I'm traumatized myself too and I don't want another incident, whether instigated by her or another. Doggie daycare and professional training is expensive and not in my budget but if those are my only options at this point I'm willing to consider. She has a couple doggie friends that she plays with and gets along with but no large dogs.

At home, she's perfectly normal. Does well in the kennel, doesn't bark at noises, super playful, etc.

I'm just at a loss. I feel like this public anxiety she has is going to be around forever. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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