Desperate dog mom in need of advice!! (Dog is super aggressive toward people she doesn’t know)

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A little over 3 years ago my boyfriend and I adopted a 2 year old “hound mix” (she looks like a brindle basenji mix) from our local humane society (I’m going to call her pup) They didn’t have much information on pup besides the fact that she was relocated to them from a shelter in a very rural part of our state. When we first approached pup that day she cowered from us and growled a little bit but warmed up very quickly, we immediately fell in love with her and decided to make her a part of the family. We got pup home and gave her a bath because she was a mess and then let her sleep and rest because she was super exhausted and sad looking. From the very beginning pup has been super sweet and affectionate towards my boyfriend and I. She LOVES to cuddle and give kisses and play, she’s a very sweet and silly girl. Overall she is a really good and well behaved dog except for the fact that she hates people that aren’t my boyfriend or myself. Anytime someone that is not one of the two of us comes around she is in full attack mode, barking and growling, ready to bite someone’s arm off. This makes it really difficult to have house guests or take her to the park or even to the vet for checkups. There are a handful of people that she is sweet too other than my boyfriend and I. One is my previous roommate (I’ll call her M) but it took weeks and a lot of work for pup to warm up to M. We had to go to the park many times and have M run around with us and also do a lot of clicker training with positive reinforcement. She eventually slowly warmed up to M. She is also good with my boyfriends family, this is because one weekend a few months after we got our pup we went on a weekend trip and took our pup and dropped her off at his parents and left, kind of forcing her to befriend them. About a year ago I moved to a new place with two new roommates and before we even moved in I would take pup to the park with them for walks with one of their dogs (who was also a female, she doesn’t do well with male dogs) And then I made sure that on move in day they showed up to the new home before me and pup did, I thought that if she associated them with the home she would be okay with them being there and it worked, she was friends with them throughout our time there. My boyfriend though has roommates who she has seen and been around many times and sees that mean no harm but she still wants to attack them!!! The main problem seems to be that she is very protective over my boyfriend and I and also our home. About a month after we got pup I took her to an eight week training class that focused on ways aggression in dogs and some of the things we learned, like the clicker training, is helpful but we can’t do that with every person we meet. Does anyone have any idea what could have shaped her personality and made her this way? Or any advice on how I can help her get over this? I love her so much and want her to have a happy and fun life and I know she would really enjoy playing with and getting pets from all of our friends and family if she would just give them a chance.

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