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Lol I've been all over this sub lately, so some of you may already know that I have a 13-week-old Mini Aussie. He's super smart — already like 90% potty trained and learning commands quickly. His two main issues are chewing everything in sight and demand barking, particular when he's separated from me in his playpen. The former I think will be resolved if I keep doing what I'm doing and as he gets older, but the latter is posing a challenge.

I know the best thing to do for demand barking is just ignore it, but I live in an apartment with thin walls, which makes that difficult. I'm not in immediate danger of being evicted or anything, but my landlord let me know if she receives complaints about my dog, she's going to have to rescind the pet agreement which would force us to move out. All that to say, ignoring the barking and allowing it to continue isn't really a good option for me.

Any ideas on how I might be able to get a handle on his demand barking without letting him bark endlessly?

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