Demand/Attention Barking Killing our Bond

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My 4.5 month old aussie has been so great in so many ways, but has picked up a terrible habit of barking when he wants something. I don't mind barking now and then, but his barks are so loud that it makes my head pound and he'll bark incessantly trying to get what he wants. I'm guessing that I've unknowingly encouraged this habit to form, but I'm having a hard time breaking him of it.

He does this most often in the morning when he wakes up and wants out of his crate, and any time he is restrained and can't go where he pleases. For example, if I'm cooking/cleaning I'll often tie his leash to a nearby doorknob so he can't wander off and get into trouble.

In this situation, he'll lose all interest in chew toys/bully sticks and his sole focus is on barking. I've been trying the ignore method -and admittedly have caved occasionally- but have mostly been very patient with waiting him out until he stops.

This has been going on for a couple weeks and I can't really see any improvement. Am I missing something? Is there a different method that we could try? Does this process just take longer than I've given it? It just seems like we're not making progress to fix this habit and it's putting such a strain on our relationship.

TLDR: pup attention barking when contained/restrained, ignoring hasn't seemed to help

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