Delicious Treats For Your Cat( If You Have One, Weirdo)

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Its the season of handing, and that should extend to your furry pal. Everything these days seems to be centered around puppies and how adorable they are, but what about our feline acquaintances? Yes, kitties deserve special plows, very. And, as the swine most closely resembling our own positions, we share a special bond.

Here we have appetizing plows your cat will adoration theyll clearly show tendernes for at least 20 seconds before going back to disregard you. We adapted this recipe from Joy the Baker, since realise our own and testing if kitty got sick was not a good way to become 😛 TAGEND

Ingredients 😛 TAGEND 1 5oz can tuna , no salt included and packed in liquid, drained 1 bowl oat flour find it at a health food store 1 big egg 1 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp catnip find it at a domesticated accumulation

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