Deciding between Rottweiler or Doberman

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I love both the breeds but I’m having trouble picking one. The things I’m looking at to make my decision are loyalty and activity level. My activity level is high and I’d want to bring my dog with me on runs/long walks daily. I know a Doberman could keep up but would a Rottweiler also be able to do things like this on a dialysis basis somewhere where it isn’t the coolest but also not the hottest. As for the loyalty, I’ve talked to a couple people who have been around Dobermans and Rottweilers and raised both breeds and I’ve heard that Dobermans tend to have a mind of their own sometimes and even with great training if they are triggered sometimes they can’t be stopped from doing something bad (chasing or fighting other dogs or people) and I also head that Rottweilers don’t have this problem as much. Some feedback would be appreciated thanks in advance.

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