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So we decided to rescue a puppy about a year ago. He was 9 weeks old, border collie mix and with a little shepherd. In hindsight, horrible idea as we we're getting married in less than 2 weeks, had little experience with dogs, etc. Honestly though looking back, it was a great decision and would do it again.

But we started to use daycare anyway my wife worked more than 4 hours unless we overlapped. We ended up switching to camp bow wow due to him hurting himself a bit. And now since my wife and I work full time we are gone nearly 12 hours a day 4 days a week. And I must say, we barely have to walk him, he sleeps on weekends most of the day with a few fetch sessions and play sessions with the other dogs in our neighborhood.

Our once endless energy pup actually has a limit. And that limit is camp bow wow. He absolutely loves it there, he jumps at the door trying to get in everyday, the counselors love him. He's the male interview dog because he's super friendly and playful.

Has anyone else had good success stories with daycare? It ain't cheap, $346/month for 4 days a week 🙁

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