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We're begining to think about looking at daycare for our 13 week old pup. We aren't in the US so don't really seem to have large, dedicated daycare centres for dogs. The two options which seem open to us are either being looked after in someone's home or kennels for the day.

There is possibly a daycare centre about a 45 minute drive but that's really not all that convenient as it's the opposite direction for work. We aren't looking for everyday care, more one day a week to give us a break!

Does anyone have experience of either of the two options above and if so, is there anything I should look out for (good or bad)? What age is okay to send our pup to daycare? I'm worried about the limited exercise puppies are meant to have and wouldn't want him being walked or exercised with adult dogs for the same length of time. Is this something that we should try and fit into the prime socialisation window?

Any thoughts much appreciated and thank you in advance. You guys are always super helpful.

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