Day 6 of new pup and feeling drained

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We have a mini poodle, Islay. She is 18 months and the most lovely natured wee girl you could imagine. Very very gentle and loving.

We decided to get another poodle. This time a Standard boy. He's a big pup. 9 weeks. We have had him for 6 days now. On first seeing Islay he ran to play with her, but his play is rough puppy play. Tumbling, jumping on her, grabbing her ears. She hates it. He's the same size as her. So we spoke to a behaviourist and have him on lead in house. We limit his ability to do that to her, and when he tries he gets a timeout. When he's calm with her he gets treats. So reward the positive and limit the negative behavior, and make it not fun to do it to her. Trying to make him focus on us, and less on her.

We've stared crate training (day 5) and it's very mixed. He is LOUD when he's unhappy. We are doing an hour in and an hour out schedule just now. That worked very well with our mini (check my post history in here) but with him it's slower progress. Sometimes he whines for a few minutes, sometimes her goes ballistic screaming for 20 minutes.

Is this normal?

I realise he's young. He's only been here 6 days so he's adjusting to the routine and the house rules.

When does it get easier?

Right now this isn't fun. I feel so stressed.

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