Hazardous bird-dog sinners to get harsher sentences – BBC News

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Image copyright Thinkstock Image caption The dogo Argentino is one of four pup makes banned in the UK

Pet owners imprisoned of dangerous bird-dogs offences will face harsher sanctions under brand-new sentencing recommendations in England and Wales.

The recommendations have been updated to reflect 2014 changes to the law, which increased maximum sentences.

The Sentencing Council mentioned convicts were “likely to be higher than in the past” but must be “proportionate”.

The 2014 changes parent the maximum prison convict for a lethal pup criticize from two years to 14.

The the changes to the Dangerous Dogs Act too increased the laws and regulations to include attacks which happen on private property, and initiated a brand-new offence of attacks on assistance bird-dogs such as guide dogs.

The changes to the sentencing recommendations, which come into force from July, cover offences where a pup injures or kills person or persons, injures an assistance pup, or where someone owns a censored breed.

The banned makes are 😛 TAGEND crater officer terrier Japanese tosa dogo Argentino fila Braziliero

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