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Hi everyone. Obligatory sorry for formatting because I’m on mobile.

I took in an orphaned pitbull puppy when she was two weeks old. She’s six weeks now and she’s super playful, and obviously mouthy. She has an unlimited supply of chew toys but she prefers the taste of human flesh apparently. I’m working with her with the biting. I ignore her when it happens, get up and walk away, give her a toy, move my hands/feet, etc.

My dad is nervous because she’ll growl when she’s picked up/doesn’t want to be bothered and she “bites too much.” How can I explain to him that this is normal puppy behavior and it doesn’t mean she’s going to be an aggressive dog?

I like to think that I’m doing everything pretty okay when it comes to her training and to stop the biting. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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