Cute dogs waking up owners – Funny dog compilation

Watch this funny pet cat video clip as well as you will never leave your pet cat home alone once again:p.

See just how canines intend to get up their owners since they want to play or eat or something. Aren't they adorable;-RRB- Hope you like our compilation concerning charming young puppies and also kitties, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Enjoy additionally our other video clips!

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71 thoughts on “Cute dogs waking up owners – Funny dog compilation

    1. Ava Chantal

      Veronica Plata if your parents for example hate cats, ask for a cat for
      your 10th or 16th birthday and they will get you a dog instead

    1. Slimebeast Pug

      +brisa love
      I have that impression of beagles too, that they are a wild and a bit hard
      to control, but they are very cute.

  1. Timothy Dixon

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  2. shallow hearts

    dog: hey fam… I know we were cuddling and everything but you gotta get

    human: no sleep…

    dog: dammit I’m going to pee on your face

  3. No Vegans Or Vegetarians Allowed

    I’m Erica…From Surrey London….And My Favourite Was At 1:11 The Little
    Yorkie…Because I Own 2. :-)

    1. Ava Chantal

      If a stranger feeds your cat, the cat will live with the stranger from then
      on. They don’t care who looks after it. It never loves its owner EVER

  4. Savannah Blockley

    I wish my dog was nice when waking me up but NOOOoooo he comes running in
    and jumping full welt onto me

  5. ramivalencia

    Was thinking about getting a dog, but I am having second thoughts now. I
    don’t want some dog waking me up. I need my sleeps.

  6. Patillo Vigil



    This is irresponsible dog ownership. I have several dogs and if any of them
    behaved like this I would cut them

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