59 thoughts on “Cute Cats and Dogs Love Babies Compilation 2015

  1. mmmstbn

    0:42 that is so disguting, dogs lick their balls and then you let them
    practically french kiss your baby?

  2. ScarlettM

    Parents with pets watching this video and considering making their own –
    PLEASE, for the sake of baby and pet – don’t let your pets play with
    infants. Kitty paws, that recently buried experiments, being put on baby’s
    face – a serious health risk. Also, baby can accidentally hurt the pet
    (biting, squeezing, pulling, hitting) and pet can lash out, so quickly that
    you won’t have time to put down the camera to intervene. Do not think that
    a dog you had for 10 years will NEVER lash out – it’s not true, just check
    the internet for fatal attacks from loving pets. And what’s worse – if
    something will happen to your baby, you will blame and get angry at your
    pet (it’s human nature to find someone to blame), while your pet just
    followed instincts.

    1. Adam

      ScarlettM ignore this parents. Take the time to show your children how to
      interact with the animals properly – how to stroke them, play with them,
      cuddle them etc – and there will be no problems. Animals won’t lash out for
      no reason – as long as your kids learn how to read their body language and
      behave accordingly, they’ll be good as gold and great friends for your kids.

    2. ScarlettM

      It would be interesting to see how a parent will teach an infant to
      interact with animals properly when the said infant cannot sit, stand, talk
      or comprehend even the basic “no”.
      Adam please tell me how would you communicate with these babies to not pull
      on doggie’s or kitty’s tail..Like babies at 2:25, 3:00, 3:30, 6:10, 8:20

    1. BowlUndrFire

      Worth a disclaimer, always conduct any cross-species encounters with close
      supervision, whether it’s baby-to-dog/cat or cat-to-dog or anything else.
      Besides potential injury, first impressions can mean a lot, even when it
      comes to animals.

    2. That Part of Your Brain You Don't Listen To

      I noticed that its tail was curling. This usually means that they’re in a
      friendly mood.

  3. swish007

    the dog at 4:00 looks like he’s trying to have an important conversation
    with the kid.. “look kid, soon you’ll be a boring adult so lets have fun
    while we can. i’ll look out for you and you can drop me a few goldfish here
    and there for my troubles”

  4. DD Andrews

    It is probably a not a good idea to allow cat or a dog to lick a baby’s
    I’m sure it affirms the bond between the baby & the dog, so the dog can
    protect the baby, rather than harming her.

    1. Diva Isabella Chang

      Allouch Abdessamad dude have you think about the bacteria? and this a baby
      we are talking about. not a fucking adult one. if you think im not a dog
      lovers based on this shitty opinion of mine then whatever

    2. Allouch Abdessamad

      Anyway, don’t have to be rude, I totally agree with u , was just trying to
      be sarcastic, normally dog lovers wouldn’t give a dam. Dogs spend half of
      their life with their noses in nasty corners or hovering over dog droppings
      so their muzzles are full of bacteria, viruses and germs of all sorts, so
      their saliva would carry zoonotic bacteria that would be fatal for kids
      sometimes , especially if they’re already sick

    3. Diva Isabella Chang

      Allouch Abdessamad oh okay sorry then ,yeah that is the only thing that
      bothers me. Loving animal is fine but i won’t be that close especially if a
      dog or cat lick my mouth i think thats disgusting

    4. MsEvilgenius101

      S. Leeloo I thought the same thing too! But I read if babies are near
      animals, their immune system becomes stronger and more tolerant of
      allergens. So when the babies grow up, they are less likely to be allergic
      to animal dander and such.

  5. SgtGo

    I really don’t think cats are safe for kids, and i’ve been around cats all
    my life and have 2 at the moment.

    1. Scott Rackley

      Bullshit. I’ve kept my nephews and nieces in my house. I have a neutered
      tabby cat, Pixel, who’s been handled since he was 4 weeks old and abandoned
      by his mother. He loved nothing more than to nuzzle the babies and sleep
      beside them, and groom them. It got to the point where he would follow
      wherever you took them to make sure you weren’t mistreating them. No, he
      isn’t butchered by declawing, and yes he gets a manicure every week.

    2. Jennifer Hopkins

      SgtGo a baby can be scared by a human too. you can not wrap a baby in wool.
      my only advice with a cat is wait till the child is about 1 rather then

    3. Adam

      SgtGo we’ve had cats in the house my whole life too and they’re perfectly
      safe around cats if the cats have been raised properly. Never received so
      much as a scratch from them unless i did something to provoke them, and
      even then they’d immediately say sorry for it. Cats are great pets for

    4. babymoneyblack

      SgtGO I have a cat and it has been around my kid since he was a new born
      and also a few more people i know have had cats around when they had a baby
      so thats not true. I was even around my Dads cat as a newborn. It’s all
      about how you treat your cat as a kitten on to a adult.

  6. Angela Alexander

    Ewww! Why let your dog lick your baby’s mouth?! They lick themselves,
    including their butts, other dogs butts, and everything else. 😣😫😫😫

  7. Le Renard Noir

    All those 21st century kids comments are hilarious. Nothing will happen to
    children. Animal’s saliva is harmless, even if they “licked the parts”

  8. Kaley Woodcox

    Aww so cute ♡♡♡ i love cats and kittens. i have my own facebook group for
    all cat lovers called the mews channel feel free to join :)

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