Current dog does not like my new dog.

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I adopted a second dog on July 4, and the initial meet and greet went by smoothly with no issues. I live in a 1 bedroom apartment. I brought the new dog in first and put her in the bedroom. My old dog came afterward, and she growled a little from the bedroom. He sniffed around and then just hung out. Later, I had them switch rooms. My husband and I made sure to spend time with both dogs. We tried doing another greeting and my male dog bared his teeth at her. We separated them again after that and didn't try another intro until the following day.

They are fine when she is in the crate. My male dog will lie pretty close to the crate and rest when she is resting, which I thought was a good sign. However, today when we tried to get them to switch rooms again so that we can give them equal attention, he snarled at her. He bares his teeth whenever their heads are close. She tolerates it and has not really retaliated.

We got a baby gate and tried blocking off the bedroom and the living room. We put her in the living room and she pooped and peed there, even though I was told she was housebroken. We decided to block off part of the living room area where the crate is instead. My male dog lied by the blockade for a bit to kind of "guard" it but went to his bed after a bit. It has only been a couple days since we got her, and I'd really like for him to accept her, but I don't know what to do.

I have so many questions. How do I make this transition more smoothly? What do I do when he snarls at her? Why is she peeing and pooping inside the bedroom? How can they get along so well on pack walks when he hates her when we're inside our apartment? Will he ever accept her? What have you done with your dogs in a similar situation?

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