Creating good habits when bringing a new dog/puppy into your home

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Dogs and puppies are creatures of habit. Once you set them up with a particular “thing” or “method” in their life, they will go back to it over and over again. For example, decide ahead of time where the dog bed will go or the crate will go. Dogs/puppies like things to be the same. If you move that bed or crate to a new location, they will still want to sleep in the old location. So make life easier on everyone, decide where that item will reside permanently before the dog comes home. Dogs can get very distraught with change, especially rescues or breeds that are more anxiety prone. Another example, sometimes moving furniture around the living room seems fun to you, but might be very upsetting to a dog/puppy. Others: Changing location of where you feed them can be very disruptive. Consistency in a dog or puppy’s life is important to a new pet. Methods also are important. Decide ahead of time what the command will be when you want them off the couch. This is a big one. Husband says “down” to get off the couch. Wife says “down” in obedience class for the dog to lay down. Now we have a confused dog. All parties need to decide ahead of time what the verbal commands will be. If you use hand or whistle commands like I do in my household, then everyone has to plan before a new dog walks in the door what a recall whistle sound is going to be. This will make a much smoother transition for everyone.

Any other ideas on creating good habits?

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