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I have a 10 week old puppy who we've had for 4 days and she's amazing and adorable, but also our first puppy so any crate training advice would be appreciated. (Puppy Tax:

On day 1 we set up a crate inside a play pen and without any training on our part, she totally was into the crate (would go in by herself and lay down for a nap and she sleeps in the crate every night but we haven't yet closed the door to the crate (which is inside a play pen). I really like that she already knows that the crate is her den/safe space and that she likes it so I'm afraid that if we start proper "crate training" and close the door, she'll start to dislike the crate and regress, which would be problematic because she's 10 weeks old and needs to have a cozy place to nap.

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