Crating puppy with older dogs free roaming in the house

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We just got an 8 week old miniature dachshund and I have been working on crate training in the couple days since he's been home. I have 2 other dogs, an 11 year old greyhound and a 7 year old miniature dachshund who free roam when we're gone. The puppy seems to be doing okay so far with crate training (still working up to extended periods of time with the door shut) but I have to go back to work tomorrow and I have some concerns.

We setup the crate in the living room based on advise to put the crate in the common area of the house. But now when I put the puppy in the crate and shut the door, my other dachshund barks at him from outside the crate and gets everyone riled up. I feel like this will be detrimental to the puppy's progress with the crate.

Should I move the crate into another room and baby gate it off from my older dog? Any other advice?

I'm nervous about going back to work tomorrow with the puppy not being fully crate trained but I'm trying to make this as smooth as possible!

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