“Crating and exercise solves 90% of dog problems, “a tired dog is a good dog”…

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I often read and often repeated these sayings but now I realize just how true they are! I know it doesn’t work for everything, but a lot of issue can be fixed by tiring your dog out and crating when you can’t directly supervise them!

I have a 11m/o German Shepherd who is still technically a puppy but is 65+ pounds. I know that everyone’s dog is amazing and all that, but I really think we won the genetic lottery with her. She has fantastic drive but at home she calms down very well and in all the time I’ve had her, she only destroyed one slipper. Just one!

This week she hurt her paw (an abscess on her left rear paw pad after playing outside) so she’s on a strict no exercise regiment per the vet. Jesus has she become an asshole!

We don’t have a fenced yard but usually I have her off leash because after a good amount of training she usually doesn’t take off and has a pretty good recall, especially when I have her frisbee. Now the moment she stepped outside, hobbling and not putting any weight on her leg, she just took off. At home she destroyed 3 slippers in 2 days when I turn my head for a second. She’s restless and just kind of an asshole in general.

Guys. Exercise your dogs! I miss the days where I can completely wipe my dog out and she’s nice and mellow in the house! I feel bad leaving her in her crate but that’s what we have to resort to because zoomies are technically exercise.

For now she hates her life and I kind of hate mine! I miss my dog!

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