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We brought a new Great Pyrenees puppy home last week and are having some issues with crate training. First night she was great in a wire crate in the living room. Settled right down and slept. Barked halfway through the night for a break. No issues.

The second night was bedlam. Complete freakout when closed in the crate. Biting the wire and pulling, barking. We let her go for a little while to see if she would settle down and she did not, so we moved the crate to our bedroom. Settled right down and went to sleep.

Since then, we purchased a second crate for our room and put the original back in the living room. She is still great at night. Settles right down and sleeps. She goes in the living room crate to eat and play with toys. She won't sleep in it even with the door open. I've been doing some positive crate reinforcement with peanut butter kings and treats and hanging out with her. She still will not settle in the crate during the day. Works herself into a frenzy biting the wire and shrieking. Let her out, and she goes back in on her own to eat again. As long as the door is open she is good.

I took two weeks off to hang out with her but we're halfway through that and she is going to have to be on her own for 4-5 hours at a shot in another week.

Other information that might be relevant:

She is toileted before being crated.

Food is removed a half hour before bed, but is free choice the rest of the day. She had free access to food before she came to us and it takes her a day to get through her food. She poops twice a day like clockwork, am and pm.

No other health issues that we are aware of. Her behavior is otherwise pretty excellent.

Doesn't seem to matter if we are present/visible or not. She settles down if we approach the crate, but only long enough to determine that we are not going to open it and then she is right back to yanking on the wire and barking.

Maybe crating her in the bedroom during the day is the way to go? I am hesitant because I don't want to undo the night time success we are having.

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