Crate training – NEED HELP for 10 weeks old puppy

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I tried so many methods to crate train my 10 weeks old puppy. First few days, he did walk into the crate himself and nap in their during the day. But at night, he hates the crate. He would keep whining all night long. I think I might have failed crate training him. Every time I put toys or Kongs to lure him into the crate, he literally walks in half way, leans in to grab his toys and then runs out as soon as he gets his toys. If I want him to be in the crate, I have to physically bring him inside and lock the door. He whines for about 5 min and then passes out in the crate. I know I’m not supposed to take him in, but he just doesn’t seem to like his crate. I have old blankets and old towels in there. I tried to feed him inside and he didn’t even bother to eat his food from inside the crate… is there anything else I could do or restart his crate training?

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