Crate training in the city is HARD

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I need help, I’m so stressed about this stupid crate. My now 14 week pup initially took to his crate super well, only little bit of crying, no fus going in etc. then we moved to the big city and all hell broke loose. I figured it was anxiety from moving and new environment so we re-started crate training essentially, always giving high value treats in it throughout the day, feeding meals in it…he knows it by cue and will hop in but you can tell looks nervous. And then he gets really really anxious still when I close it even for a second. Now normally I’d have no issue on having him cry it out a bit but our neighbors are PISSED and have complained multiple times to management and I feel horrible. I’ve got an apology letter and gift card I’m giving them but I still need to limit the barking as much as possible else I risk eviction. Should I get a new crate and restart the process? Any other ideas? I’m at a loss, he also does not like being in the xpen alone despite having a ton of treats and toys. Luckily I’m home all day right now so I can leave him out of the crate if need be and have him nap by me but we need to crate him when we leave and at bed time of course. Thank you!

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