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Sorry if this has been done to death on this sub but I need as much help as possible with crate training my puppy.

Bit of background, we (my girlfriend and I) have a 16 week old cockerpoo puppy. In general things are going better than expected, however we are having issues through the night. We have had Luna for around 3 weeks now but in the last week she’s been scratching and crying at the bedroom door.

So my questions about crate training are: Have we left it too late to begin crate training? The dog has had a few rooms of the house to roam around in and she has two beds to choose from to sleep in. We do keep the two bedroom doors closed from her but she’s free to roam any other room.

Which room should the crate be in? She’s had very little access to our bedroom so far, but should the crate be in with us at night so she can see us?

What things should be in the crate? Currently I have put all her toys, one of her beds (her favourite one), a couple of towels that usually are in her bed, and a water bowl.

I’ve read you should feed her in the crate, should I move her water bowl into the crate permanently? And use the crate for all meals going forward?

How can you encourage the dog to stay in the crate? I can tempt her in with toys etc but as soon as I move, she moves.

Is it best to cover the crate or should I leave it uncovered for her to see out of better?

Also I don’t know if this makes a difference but we did have the crate set up for her the first few days we had her but the first night I closed the door and went to bed she freaked out, have I created a negative experience for her that’s creating some of my problems when reintroducing the crate.

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