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I'm sure this has been asked a million times before but nothing we try seems to be helping.

We've had Myrtle for 2 weeks. She is a 9 week old lurcher pup. From day one, she has no problem going in and out of her crate on her own. She has her meals in there, as long as the door is open she has no issues with it (although she won't choose to sleep in there, she sleeps mainly on the sofa)

When it comes to night time, or attempting to shut the crate door, she absolutely screams. We put her in there with treats (she doesn't understand how to use a Kong really) and as soon as the door closes she loses interest in the treat and has to whine to come out. We have been waiting til she is quiet to let her out but there has been no improvement.

Her crate is in our bedroom right next to our bed. I've tried lying down next to the crate til she drifts off, as soon as I move she wakes up and starts screaming. We had a few nights of no sleep before our dog trainer friend advised us to just let her sleep in the bed so we could get some sleep.

She is now sleeping through the night in our bed. For the last week we have been trying to get her used to the crate in the day time, rewarding her everytime she goes in of her own accord and getting her used to sleeping in her bed rather than the sofa or our bed, however NOTHING has changed. The minute that door closes she screeches. Every time she falls asleep in the day I pick her up and put her in her bed in the crate, she will stay for max 2-3 minutes even with the door open.

We must be doing something wrong? Do we let her cry it out? Its not like she can't see or hear us, she knows we are there. She does the same thing wearing her seatbelt in the car or being restrained in any way and we are at our wits end. It's not like she's scared or anxious – it feels like she just wants to get her own way. In every other respect she is so perfect and I feel like such a failure. Can anyone help?

Sorry for the essay, didn't really expect so much to come out!

TL;DR – puppy seems to have serious FOMO and I don't know what to do about it

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