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Just a quick question(s) for what seems to be an endless pool of knowledge and support here at r/puppy101. I have a four month old pug named Roman. He's been a handful so far but we've already bonded so much. We started crate training immediately upon getting him and he does pretty well but I have a few questions about our schedule.

He goes down for a morning nap at 9am and an evening nap around 4pm. Both of these naps are crated and he does very well. He sleeps more soundly in his crate and his behavior has improved tremendously after enforcing naps. We crate him when we leave, too, which he is getting much better at tolerating. However, he really doesn't seem to like crating at night. We've worked through it but recently, we've decided to try letting him sleep with us at night. And lo and behold, he's been great! He sleeps through the night, uses his pad if he has to, and never whines or barks! He wakes me up early every morning to go out but honestly, I love that.

What do I do here? My partner and I plan on allowing him to sleep in our bed. Is this okay to allow so early? I don't see a need to train him to sleep through the night in a crate if we never plan on crating him at night. Figured I'd post for input though because you never know. Thanks ahead of time for any input!

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