Crate training 9 week old puppy–almost have lost hope

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On Wednesday I got an 8 week old shih tzu puppy (9 weeks today). I am really starting to question whether I made the right idea or not to get a puppy. I work from 8:30-5 and only decided to get her after doing extensive research on types of dogs for apartment life and how to care and train for one. I was inspired to by my parents' shih tzu, who they got when she was 16 weeks old–she's the sweetest dog ever and has helped a lot with my mental health. Based on what I read, I felt that I could have a puppy as long as I found a pet sitter to check in on her (feed/play/give her affection).

Everything has been going as expected except for the crate training (except I put her in a play pen instead). She will wake up at 6 am whining and barking (I have already potty trained her–she goes on a pee pad in her playpen). She never goes back to sleep after that so I've been feeding her then. As I have yet to find a pet sitter, I came home during my lunch break on Thursday and Friday to feed her and play with her. Both times when I leave she whines and barks like CRAZY. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong–she eats in there for every meal, all her toys are in there. I even got her a companion stuffed animal with those fake heartbeats and warming packets–she doesn't care for it. I know people say to ignore the barking and whining so I do but she'll continue for HOURS. This weekend, she has not been taking a nap during the day, no matter how much playing we do (we'll play fetch and tug of war for like, an hour). It makes me wonder if she napped at all while I was away from work for 2 days.

An issue might be that because I live in a studio, I have her in my living room which is right next to my bedroom–probably 10 feet away from my bed max. The living room is about 10 feet away from my studio's front door. It's separated by half a wall (I don't have a bedroom door). Should I be putting her crate next to my bed? I would have no space to walk next to my bed, but if that'd help I'll do it. I would let her sleep on my bed but I figured she needs to be able to hold her bladder through the night and not have as much separation anxiety before I allow it.

What should I do? I feel like a horrible human being. Am I not suited to have a puppy right now? I feel like she would be better off with a person who works from home. An easy solution that would make both of us feel better would be a doggy daycare, but she doesn't have all of her vaccines yet so that option is not available. I am still searching for pet sitters to come hang with her from 11-2.

Any advice is GREATLY appreciated!!

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