Crate trained, but howls and throws a fit if in the crate and someone is home?

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Sorry, this is so weird and I've never had this problem before.

I have a 6 month old Golden Retriever pup. He's amazing! He's done great in his puppy class, he goes out in public with me, he doesn't lunge at people or dogs anymore and he does great on a gentle leader. He even carries a light backpack on longer outings, gets in the car, very confident and good, etc.

I have ONE problem. He howls in his crate and whines and occasionally barks if he's in his crate and he knows someone is home and awake.We crate trained him within a week of getting him; he was 10 weeks old, eager to please, and smart. We fed him in his crate only, made it nice and cozy, and he only gets his kong toy when he's in his crate. When we crate him and turn the lights out and all go to sleep, all is well.

But if one of us is awake and he's still in the crate and he hears us in the bathroom or shower or whatnot, he'll begin to whine. When he isn't let out, he'll begin to get louder and louder until he's howling.

He gets a bathroom break at about 5am when my roommate goes to work, and then she puts him back and he goes right back to sleep.

But right now we have a guest staying with us and he knows that at 5am while the roommate is leaving, the guest is awake. So he starts howling and whining and being loud.

We don't give into him and let him out if he whines; we wait for at LEAST 5 minutes of silence before letting him out. This goes for if he whines to be let outside, whines to be let inside, etc. We never give in. We don't crate him often when we're home, could this be the problem?

But it's been months of this, and I'm not sure what else I can do to get him to be quiet in his crate.

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