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Later this week we will be picking up our two rescue chihuahua / rat terrier mix dogs.

They were rescued from the same home, and seem to get along very well. They're siblings, about 4 months apart, one is 1yr 3 months old and the other is 1 yr 7 months old.

During our time with them at the shelter they interacted with my wife and I, and even sat on our laps. They don't seem codependent. The shelter didn't think they're a bonded pair, but we think they enjoy each other's company and get confidence from each other.

It's unknown if they're house-trained, but we're assuming they're not and are prepared to house train.

We're not sure if it would be better to crate train them together so they have each other's company when we're away (and cause my mom has an extra crate that will fit them both well), or if they should be crated separately. My fear is they'll view the crate as a negative experience because that's when they're separated. I'm not sure that's what will actually happen though.

I also wondered if perhaps I can start with the larger crate and see how it goes, and then change to individual crates if necessary, but didn't know if there'd be possible repercussions if we decided to make that change later.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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