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Our ~7 month old pup has been in the crate since she was with her foster mom. She had done so well during the day (I work from home) for a few hours at a time and then at night time she’d go in for a treat and lay right down.

Now, she still does great during the day, but night time is a BATTLE. We’ve tried reinforcing that barking in the crate gets you potty time. Two times of that go by.. still barking. The crate is a little ways away from our bed- we’ve tried covering 3 sides, different crate mats/beds/blankets.

However, moving the crate to our other bedroom/office seems to result in her barking for a minute or two and then lays down and passes out. Ideally I’d like to have her back in our room at night so I don’t have to continually move the crate. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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