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So Lupo has been home for three days now, and for the most part he’s a delight. He’s funny and snuggly and seems fairly smart, because he learned his name very quickly (once I figured out that cheese is his high-value treat).

Crating has been an issue, though. He cries for 30-45 minutes sometimes before exhausting himself, which is super hard to hear (but I’m trying to be firm). I feed him in there and give him treats and tried to give him a Kong with peanut butter, which he had absolutely no in, so still working on what he will eat from a Kong. I’m happy to keep persevering in this, but my question is this:

Right now the crate lives in my bedroom, and when he goes in for naps, I’ve been leaving the room and closing the door so he’s not confused by my presence/encouraged to think that I’ll get him out when he’s crying. Unfortunately, this means I basically can’t use my bedroom until he’s done napping (1.5-2 hour stretches). Should I be leaving him like this? He’ll sleep with me sitting next to the crate not moving, but as soon as I move, he cries again. And if I’m in and out, he doesn’t seem to settle at all. I have roommates who are being extremely tolerant so far but I don’t think letting him cry it out in a common space is an option.

Tl;dr—is it worth giving up my bedroom for my puppy’s naps, or should I get him used to people coming/going and ignoring him while he’s in there? Thanks!

Edited to add: I keep the crate fully covered (including the front). Should I keep doing this? Or leave the sides and top covered but open the front so he can see?

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