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Hi all, I just got my 8 week Schnoodle this Saturday! Sorry this is long tl;dr at the bottom

I live in an apartment complex but have a really nice sized patio where we put a few potty pads. My puppy doesn’t like potty pads and will try to sneak into a gravel area that isn’t part of my patio to pee or poop. As of right now, I’ll try to get her to go on the the pads or at least in the same area, but if she really needs to poop I’ll let her go on the gravel and pick it up. I’ve tried putting poop on the pads, but it hasn’t worked. Anyone have any tips? We’re getting some fake grass to replace the pads, so hopefully that’ll work.

Also, I’m crate training her as well and so far she’s doing a good job of not whining too much. We’re trying to do the 1 hour awake 2 hours asleep, but whenever she falls asleep, either at my feed or my boyfriends, we let her stay there. Should we be moving her in her sleep the crate???

TL;DR: puppy won’t poop on puppy pad outside only gravel that she’s not allowed on & do I need to place my puppy in her crate when she sleeps instead of letting her sleep by our feet?

Thank you all!!

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