Crafty koalas for Australia, a light-green puppy and the most creative proposal ever

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I’m not a fan of technology. Seriously, up until a couple of years ago I drove a truck with crank windows and a tape player. Now, my house is filled with all kinds of Alexa designs that I have to address politely and in a specific way or they won’t do the very basic things I want. Turning off a light wasn’t hard to begin with, and now I need to build a rapport with a robot to do it. Absolutely not.( Why do I have these devices? One term: Husband .) However, we did get one of those video announcing machines to keep in touch with my mothers. The first time they came on screen, my nerve did an inexplicable leap. It was like they were right there in a way no telephone calls or Face Time could replicate. I still don’t condone filling your live with speakers and cameras and ornery AI express, but I must admit. Some engineering isn’t as bad as I imagined.

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