COVID requiring 17 hour drive with two 8-week old puppies?

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We are working with an out of state breeder to acquire two Labrador puppies and confirmed many months ago before COVID blew up. The original plan was to fly up and fly back with the puppies using an approved airline the breeder works with frequently and allows the puppies to ride in the cabin for a fee. We never wanted to consider cargo shipping and still will not consider that option.

We're now looking at the situations. It does not seem safe to fly and our family includes people with some risks. We thought about hiring a person to fly up and get the puppies, but we feel uncomfortable putting someone at risk (maybe we could find someone that has already had the virus? does that even rule out all possibility of contracting it though?) and also having someone responsible for two puppies on an airplane and in an airport.

So that leaves us with the option of driving. It's a 17 hour drive. What are some precautions / concerns / issues to think about when scheduling this? If we have two people to drive, how long should we allow realistically to drive back? We want to make it as quick as possible but also be safe for the puppies and allow them the least traumatic experience as possible.

What a nightmare. We just want all parties involved to remain healthy – canine and human. Any suggestions?

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