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I have posted here before and I answer training tips here and there for people who struggle with difficult dogs, but I have slowly come to a serious problem with my dog. So first a little background, I am sorry if this is long in the end:

I’ve had my Aussie since she was 6 weeks old, I got her while in a relationship and owned my own home. When she was 4 we broke up and I move on and eventually started another relationship in which I’ve been for 1.5 years, living together, but with two kids and a second dog.

Now my Aussie started being very talkative around 1, when she started hanging out with my friends dog who was obnoxiously barky. It was never a big deal. Fast forward to my old house while living with two dogs and my Aussie began to bark for any movement. If they run up the stairs, she barks. And I mean, not a cute bark.

Now we are in a new home, which is smaller, and her barking is constant now. Not when we leave home, but just activity. Kid runs across the room, my dog does into a barking fit. Thump upstairs, dog barks non stop. Kids come around, she barks. Kids are gone and other dog around she barks. She has now transitioned into barking for our normal activities together.

And it’s getting worse and worse. The kids can’t play together or she is barking at them the whole time. She is developing really annoying behaviors like stepping and jump smashing into you while barking.

It just seems like some form of anxiety at this point. I can’t for the life of me train her to stop either. To be clear about this, I have a friend who is a behaviorist who I worked with to try and use his normal methods. It’s been a year, it’s still getting worse. She is a competition frisbee dog, normally. I’ve trained her all the tricks you would expect. As you would assume it’s very time consuming and is a ton of exercise to do for an hour or two a day. She is trained in common service dog obedience, but I’ve grown to not be able to take her places because she causes scenes. She goes from normal to barking fits for the most random stuff. I’ve tried the scent stuff, seems to do absolutely nothing. I take her to dog care and they have started to notice it as well, she has been going there for almost 3 years now. We’ve actually stopped competing the last year because it’s become such a problem for her to stay on track when she is in new places, she random runs and barks at people, even mid competition. We still do all the training though, it’s just life at this point.

So that’s really it, I’m not sure what else there is to say, has anyone ran into this? I can tell you more or what I’ve tried but I’m running out of options. She is making it very difficult for the kids, almost dangerous. I have a bad ear which her barking causes my hearing issue to go nuts. Any advice would be appreciated.

TLDR: I have a frisbee competition dog who has anxiety barking issues, but I can’t seem to solve. She is starting to scare me with her anxiety issues around kids (jumping on them not biting them).

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