Corgi pup tearing at my pants all of a sudden towards the end of a walk

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Hi everyone, I’m back again with a question related to my 6.5 month corgi. Previously, I mentioned that he only tears at my boyfriend’s pants and hands. I’m generally safe from this.

But tonight, towards the end of our evening walk, he started to aggressively tear at the hem of my jeans until I stopped moving. Then when I started walking in the direction of home again, he started jumping on me and nipped at my hands and the length of my pant legs as he lowered himself back down onto all fours. This happened a few times while we crossed the road in the middle of a quiet neighbourhood, and I sternly said no a few times to let him know that it was unacceptable to do that once we reached the sidewalk again.

This has never happened before since we’ve got him, and I’m not quite sure what could have caused this. There were no distractions, just us 2 on the block. He was also recently neutered just 2 weeks ago, so I’m not sure if this might be impacting his behaviour.

Has this ever happened with your pups where they just go stir-crazy? I’m just worried this could be a repeat-thing.

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