Considering a 5 week board and train for our 6 month lab, would like some advice!

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Hi guys! We have a 6 month lab retriever and we have been training him diligently with decent results. I have an unavoidable 3 week business trip coming up and no one will be at home for a majority of the day. We have heard of a very reputable board and training center a few hours away, and they offer an extensive 5 week course for the pup. Considering it’s 3 hours away, no one will be able to visit him for the first 3 weeks, after which I would periodically drive down for the last 2. My lab is sweet but has a generally nervous personality. I’m afraid this experience may be traumatic for him, as he won’t see any of us for 3 weeks. Alternatively, we could get a live in house sitter for 3 weeks, wherein our pup would still be in his comfort zone, but I liked the idea of getting some of his training issues sorted out.

Is he too young to be boarded in such a manner? I’ve heard both arguments. But wanted to know if anyone with experience could help guide me to a responsible decision. Thanks! Would be grateful for any advice 🙂

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