Confusion about how to raise a puppy before vaccinations

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Hi! I'm picking up my puppy soon and have a few questions about avoiding parvo.

Toilet training: my backyard is not fenced in and is in area where there are lots of deer, squirrels, ticks, chipmunks, and other wildlife. How am I supposed to toilet train him without risking him? The area where you first walk out is covered in concrete, so maybe I can just place him there and hope that area is safe? Is grass risky?

Socialization: i also know I'm not supposed to take him on walks, but I've heard I can carry him in a sling for walks. If I do that, can I let other passerbys pet him? Is there a chance their hands have parvo on them, and if so should I carry hand sanitizer with me? If they are walking dogs, should I let the dogs sniff him or should I just avoid any close contact?

Also, I have other people in my life with dogs and am wondering if I should try to socialize him with them. The first family has two dogs who are up-to-date with vaccinations but always allow them to roam the outside woods around their house, and they come in the house immediately afterward without washing up. Should I avoid that house?

The second house has 3 little lapdogs who don't spend much time outdoors but are up-to-date with vaccinations.

I would appreciate any further help or advice! Thank you.

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