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So I just got a lab/hound puppy a few days ago and have been trying to crate train her, but everything I read about crate training tells me to gradually get her used to the crate before locking her up in there for an extended period of time. My pup doesn't mind being in the crate, as long as it is not locked. The second the door closes, she cries without a single break until she is let out, making it really difficult to progress. I make sure she goes to the bathroom and plays before putting her in there so I know for a fact all of her essential needs are met. She just has some type of stress/anxiety.

Anyway, I guess where I am getting confused is, if I am not keeping her in the crate for an extended period of time like trainers suggest because I'm trying to build her up to it, where is she supposed to sleep while still building this habit? Thank you in advance, and I hope my question made sense.

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