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So, I'm sure this has been answered here before but I couldn't find any posts about it. So here goes.

My wife and I have a female French Bulldog who will be 1 year old next week. We've done puppy training classes, and she always does exceptional except for her stubborn moments where she wants to get into something or not pay attention because whatever she's doing is more fun. Nature of the breed, sure, but a bit irritating when we have an issue like we did today (and several other times this month).

We've had a guy working on our house, doing some repairs, for the last couple months (worst. contactor. ever.). We have a fenced-in backyard, and there is a gate that we never use due to its weird position and access. On the top of my gripes list about our contractor is he always leaves the gate wide open, which you can't see until you're already outside. So he stopped by today to get the last of his equipment (thank God) and, as normal, left the gate wide open.

My wife took our dog outside, without knowing he had been there or the gate might have been opened, and our dog straight took off. This is now the 3rd time in a month this has happened.

While we live in the city, we are, thankfully, in a quiet neighborhood without a lot of traffic, and our neighbors are routinely outside, doing yard work, porchin' it, whatever. My wife was calling for her non-stop with the commands we learned in puppy training – ones that we still practice with her on a normal basis – and she straight up refuses to come. She will go up to any stranger and play with them, and, again, thankfully, this is how we were able to keep her in one place. A neighbor picked her up and brought her to my wife.

I should add that when she is called to come, many times she will look at us, acknowledge that we called for her, but continue doing whatever she was doing. This happens both in our back yard and in the dog park, but never inside (she almost always responds inside, unless she is waiting at the back door to go outside). But, in situations like today, it's like she is deaf and doesn't even acknowledge us. She will come running when she knows we have a treat, but, obviously, we don't carry around pockets full of peanut butter doggy goodness either, and we're not going to go back inside for treats if she runs away, so that's not always an option.

I see it as two issues:

She is purposefully ignoring our commands in order to socialize with others, and She thinks we are playing with her, because she loves being chased and running around.

So, redditors/puppy101ers, how do you get your pups to be attentive to you and to convince your dog that it isn't play time any longer? This is a frightening experience, one that pretty much every dog owner has to deal with, but we need our dog to at least acknowledge us in these situations (which she isn't). Thanks in advance!

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