College Students Heard Whimpering, But “d no idea” What Was Hiding On Campus

Hope For Paws was lately called to a campus where students recognized a homeless Chihuahua hiding in a field. They considered she might have given birth to puppies and knew she necessitated assistant ASAP.

Thankfully, Eldad Hagar immediately demonstrated up on the panorama, with help and a cheeseburger in hand.

The small lineage was hiding in a cut, and was able to be cornered without too much stress.

Unfortunately, one of the puppies was in severe agony. The “girls “, Ivy, had severe hydrocephalus( which is fluid in the mentality ). They had to employed her down to let her be at peace.

The mother and two abiding puppies were cleaned up and given a clean bill of health. All of them are currently available for adoption, so if you’re interested in returning one a residence, please visit Doggies 911 Rescue.

If you’d like to help Hope For Paws rescue more dogs, please visit their site and consider handing a donation. Every little bit helps.

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