Cockapoo territorial toward 7 month old baby

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I've got a 4 year old female cockapoo and a 7 month old baby. Now that the baby is crawling, she (dog) growls/shows teeth if approached. These behaviors really only crop up when the baby is heading toward her. If I'm holding or sitting with the baby she will walk up happily beside us and lick both me and the baby, tail wagging. If the baby approaches her, though, she doesn't move or appear nervous; She just growls and eyes the baby. She does similar things to myself, my wife, and our other dog (high energy morkie) if she's touched/moved while she's lying down. It's a very "leave me alone. I mean it." vibe.

I'm sure it's in some way connected that she's very nervous around other dogs, and new people (especially kids). She barks a lot, tail and ears both up if she's somewhere she is familiar with, but when she's approached (or she approaches them) her tail is tucked, ears back, and she's very skittish.

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