Close call today. Looking for feedback/support.

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A bit of background: I've never owned a dog before, but my wife has had two that's have been with her for man years. I've been around them for a few years. They were both old and relatively well behaved but not very well trained overall. They both passed away this year from sickness. After coping for a while, we decided to get a new dog together.

We got a 1 year old rescue who was likely a street dog for his first few months and then was adopted and returned to the shelter "for having too much energy". It's been about a week and everything was actually going very well. We gave him a ton of attention – we think he has SA – and at least one of us has been home with him every day. He's gone out for at least three walks a day and a mile run in the middle of the day. He's getting attention at home, is being fed according to suggestions from the shelter. He's very kind to us and has been a real pleasure to be around. He follows us around the house and socializes a lot.

Then, today I was getting ready to take him for a walk and before I put his leash on I started to open the garage door and he just took off. I didn't even full have my shoes on. He was very fast and just ran. I followed him calling his name, to which he usually responds, but nothing was working. There was a ton of foot and car traffic around and it was snowing. I couldn't really keep up, he is very very fast.

Finally, after like a mile run I was totally out of breath and just sat down and he came to me. I was so mad I was shaking. I didn't want to punish him physically, we don't want to do that. So, I picked him up and carried him the mile or so home.

When we got home I scolded him verbally but no other punishment.

Aside from the obvious – leashing him before I open the door, what else could I have done? And, how should I have handled the situation? And, how should he have been punished?

TLDR: 1 yr old puppy took off on me and ran for a long time. Looking for advice on how he should have been punished and what I can do to stop him from running away.

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