Chuck Tingle counter-trolls the Gamergaters who chose his erotica for a Hugo Award

Chuck Tingle is the Internet’s most beloved columnist of strange niche erotica, perhaps best known for his masterwork Pounded in the Butt by My Own Butt . The Hugo Awards are a formerly prestigious sci-fi reputation, hijacked in recent years by racist neoreactionaries and Gamergaters aiming to Make Science Fiction Not Diverse Again. This is a little story about what happened when the two of them collided this month, and Tingle gave these conservative pushes a divine symbolic butt-pounding.

To understand how genuinely beautiful, how truly deft Tingle’s trolling is, you’re going to need a little background information.

In 2014 and 2015, two groups announcing themselves the Sad Puppies and the Rabid Puppies decided to fight back against what the hell is witnessed as the forced inclusion of women and minorities in narratives that they accepted “mustve been” exclusively about cool spaceships. Their strategy was to create a “slate” of recommended nominees for the Hugo Awards and rally their partisans to vote for the works as a bloc.

It kinda-sorta toiled, and they did it again this year, with even greater success. “Hugo honors shortlist dominated by rightwing safarus, ” proclaimed the Guardian .

The figurehead of the Rabid Puppies expedition, the most extreme of the two, is one “Vox Day.” Last-place year, a Gawker blogger( full disclosure: it was me) describedhim as “aneoreactionaryblogger forracist wackadoodle bulletin siteWorldNetDaily who , among other things, feels colors are inferior to lily-whites andmarital rape is ‘an oxymoron.'”

In other messages, a real nice guy .

That catches us up to the present, where Chuck Tingle isa finalist for a Hugo for his work Space Raptor Butt Invasion, thanks to support from both the Sad and the Rabid Puppy. Tingle has responded in three major access, all of them brilliant and genuinely, laugh-out-loud, maybe-piss-yourself-just-a -little-bit funny.

One: he’s written a narrative announced Slammed in the Butt by My Hugo Award Nomination .

Slammed in the Butt is a twisted, fourth-wall-breaking design of metafiction, interpreting the many coatings of the erotically-charged “Tingleverse” in which Tingle’s personas live, enjoy, and have sex with aircrafts. It’s worth the three bucks, possibly. And it presents just how seriously Tingle takes this award nomination.

Two, Tingle instantly addressed the conservative armies who may now regret electing him by trolling the shit out of Vox Day on Twitter. Day has been gloating about Tingle’s nomination because it was meant to delegitimize the Hugos in the eyes of strangers( never mind that Day still urgently wants to win one .) However, Tingle has made it clearin his own inimitable waythat he doesn’t precisely respect Day.

He’s been be submitted to Day as “VOXMAN” and his supporters as “devilmen.” It’s weird and wonderful.

As hilarious and thorough as these VOXMAN owns are, mere Twitter owns aren’t enough to defeat awareness-raising campaigns whose main goal seems to be attention for Day. He’s uttered, in so many messages, that hate can only form him stronger.

That’s where the third prong of Tingle’s trolling makes a difference. As the Daily Dot’s April Siese discussed in her recent chart of Tingle, the hard and seductive author’s true identity remains a riddle. He cannot very well expose himself by showing up to an award ceremony. So, in his plaza, he has invited perhaps the one person internet alt-rightists and Gamergate-adjacent agitators detest most.

Zoe Quinn, play developer and anti-harassment activist, was the original target of Gamergate after an ex-boyfriend uncovered alleged details of her sexuality life online. She’s the boogeyman( boogeywoman ?) Gamergate frothingly rose up to “defeat, ” their imaginary platonic ideal of a “Social Justice Warrior.”

And she’s likewise a Tingle fana “true buckaroo, ” as Tingle says.

It’s too perfect. Tingle has met such forces that tried to use his work for their own points and judo-flipped their tactics back on them. And the entire era, he’s maintained his aloof, free-loving persona. If there were a Hugo Award for Internet trolling, he would certainly deserve it.

How will this drama demise? Doesn’t matter often, certainly. The Hugos have gone through a few tumultuou years, but a proposed rules change is likely to negate the impact of slate voting starting next year. The Puppies will have to find a new domesticated tactic, or the awards will go on as if the reactionaries never existed.

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