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I am a single, 30ish year old. My parents have, or had, dogs in the past but i have never had my own because up until now I was a student, working crazy hours and moving a lot. Not a great situation for a dog. But now I am well into adult life and I am looking for a puppy.

I am interested in an australian shepard but have some concerns, the main one being I live in an apartment. That is somewhat offset by the fact that I live in a small mountain town that is very dog friendly, and I live and work in the same building so I could come home and take the dog out for a while over my lunch in addition to mornings and evenings. We also have lots of outdoor off leash areas, and one with a dog swim area. I hike most weekends that the weather allows and the dog would be out for at least two walks every day. Most guides say that they are not suitable for apartments, but what I am finding is that any active dog (which is what I need) is labelled not suitable for an apartment.

Any advice on this either way from current owners would be great. Thanks!

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