Chinese firm clones gene-edited puppy in attempt to consider myocardial infarction

Beijing( CNN) With his black, brown and white-hot wool, Longlong looks like most beagles. But the puppy has been sick with a blood-clotting disease since delivery — exactly what scientists in China had wanted.

The pup was cloned from Apple, a different puppy whose genome was edited to develop the disease atherosclerosis.

With that genetic message now coded in, the disease — a leading cause of strokeand heart sickness — was extended along to Longlong, who scientists will use to study the condition and its possible antidotes.

Longlong’s creator, Beijing-based biotech company Sinogene, said Longlong is the world’s first puppy cloned from a gene-edited donor. With Longlong’s birth, the scientists claimed that China had parallelled South Korea as a leader in canine cloning engineering.

South Korean scientists cloned the first pup, an Afghan hound reputation Snuppy, in 2005.

“A cloned dog born from a gene-edited cell donor is surely a breakthrough, ” says Eugene Redmond, chairman of Neural Transplantation and Repair at the Yale University School of Medicine, who was not involved in the research.

Sinogene have successfully cloned two more puppies in this manner, intending the company now has four genetically identical puppies — Apple, Longlong and two brand-new canines, Xixi and Nuonuo.

“Dogs share the most inheritable cancers with human being, which represents them the best infection patterns to learn, ” says Feng Chong, technological administrator at Sinogene.

According to Feng, Longlong’s birth was the first occasion scientists had compounded two cutting-edge bio-technologies: A gene-editing tool called CRISPRwith somatic cell cloning technology – the method used to clone Dolly the sheep.

Atherosclerosis, in which fatty substance builds up and coagulates vein walls, can cause heart attacks and blows, and alters more than 15.8 million Americans alone.Cardiovascular infections are the number one cause of death globally, killing 17.7 million people in 2015, according to the WHO.

To date, investigates say the dogs haven’t pictured any evidences of the illnes but they are closely monitoring their health, said Mi Jidong, General Manager of Sinogene. Drugs to treat myocardial infarction are already being tested on the health swine, he added.

What is CRISPR Cas9 gene editing?

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