Chews for 3 month old puppy?

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Need some help.

I have an 12 week old cocker spaniel puppy who is absolutely food motivated. He doesn’t have much interest in playing with toys by himself, but he will if me or my husband plays with him.

Most of the time one of us can play with him, but sometimes we have to get stuff done and little guy doesn’t know how to entertain himself. I have tried stuffed and frozen Kong’s and snuffle mats, but as soon as it’s finished in about 5-10 minutes, he’s back looking for attention.

I’m looking for some puppy safe chews that’ll last longer than 5 minutes that he can gnaw on to settle himself down. I’m worried about things that will break his teeth, but at the same time it’s getting exhausting to have to continually play with him every waking second to keep my furniture safe. Any recommendations will be appreciated. But preferably some that may be available at Walmart because the nearest pet store to where I live is over an hour away because I live in a tiny town.

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