Chewing specific items, Crate training, and in general going bonkers

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Echo grabs and bites the rug, my socks, my shoes, and will randomly grab the measuring cup I use for her dog food. Is it as simple as giving her a single, or multiple, treats when I see her playing with a toy she's allowed to play with? I'm introducing her to riding in the back seat of the car while being attached to a <=1ft leash that hooks into a belt buckle. She obviously does not like not being able to ride in my lap and will bark. Also a simple "give her treats when she's acting correct, none when she acts up"? This one is pretty important. She is starting to jump up on people. She got super excited when someone came over and constantly jumped up trying to nip and overall being a turd. This was the first time she ever had, but I believe it was because she was in super-excited-zoomies-mode. How can I curb this before it begins to get out of hand?

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