Charlie did so well at our halloween party tonight!

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She normally barks at everyone that comes in the door until she can smell them. Tonight we had at least 30 people come through and she only barked TWICE. I was so amazed.

We have a very low living room table that she used to always look for food on. Tonight it was COVERED in snacks and I never saw her jump up on it. I even asked my guests and they all said they didn’t see her trying to take anything.

Normally she gets overwhelmed with us having guests and will go to the bathroom upstairs but she asked to go out three times and we haven’t found any accidents upstairs.

I am so proud of her. Normally she sleeps in the crate, but she’s sleeping with me tonight and I gave her lots of meat from our snack trays.

Our next step is getting the puppy to this level!

Thanks for reading. I hope all of your dogs are doing swell and please tell them I love them.

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