Cesar Millan get candid on helping wounded ex-servicemen

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The dog whisperer is back.

Emmy-nominated celebrity dog behaviorist Cesar Millan has been on a superhighway expedition across America with his son Andre to help organizations and parties rescuing canines in need for his new Tv succession, Dog Nation.

The United States is very proactive in rescuing and accepting puppies, the 47 -year-old told Fox News while on a recent expedition to New York City. But I think we have to do a little more expeditions towards spay/ neuter because we are having an overpopulation difficulty. So even if you stop rescuing you are able to never stop the euthanization because the overpopulation continues.”

Andre, whos been following in “his fathers” footsteps since he was a child, pointed out that Missouri has been faced with the crisis the most.


Missouri is the home of puppy mills, excused the 22 -year-old. These are bird-dogs that are bounded and stacked in enclosures for years and are spawned to multiply. I got to see current realities of the reasons why were spreading a better understanding of whats happening in our own backyard.

According to The Humane Society, Missouri was listed in their fourth annual Horrible Hundred report, which describes the conditions documented by district or USDA inspectors at hound multiply actions. Several mills, including numerous repeat offers, are observed for having puppies matted with feces, entrapped in wire flooring, and others sick or croaking while living in darkness.

It’s events like these that induced Cesar and his son to label unit and assist animal save crews to save pups. However, the duo arent just facilitating animals.

In Washington D.C ., we worked with a company named Fidelco that focuses on helping wounded ex-servicemen that have been dazed from the crusade and dont have the funds to get a guide puppy, said Andre. I worked with a person appointed Richard Donald Overton. He was wounded in Desert Storm. He didnt want to be dependent on his child. He certainly didnt “ve got a lot” of freedom.


Its pathetic because these beings fight for the independency of America, excused Cesar. The freedom of America. But when they come back wounded, they grow dependent. So Fidelco is actually helping them to regain that impunity they fought for. But you will find in the demonstrate that it not actually in agreement with congressmen for wounded fighters to actually get a hound. Its easier for them to get a stay or be put on medication to help deal with their depression.

And they go back to doing their activities by themselves, he contributed. “They recovered that line-up of themselves again. You want to be able to do occasions on your own again. These people fight for the freedom of Americans. They deserve it. They get trained to go to campaign, apparently an investment from the United States to make a soldier. But when it comes to retraining the soldier to return to civilization, theres no funding for it.”

However , not all chores given to dogs by humanity has resulted in positive results. In late January, a viral video proved a pup on the fixed of A Dogs Purpose being forced into a moving body of water during production of the movie. The time raised questions about the therapy of the swine on the movies determined, and some hinted it could change the behavior animals fit into feature films.

Cesar, who claimed he hasnt heard the footage, was surprised to hear about the reported mistreatment.

I havent construed the movie or the incident, but one thing I can tell you about a bird-dog is because they love to work, ” he said. A hound is actually joyous when they have something to do[ But] you just have to take into consideration that just like an actor, its going to give you everything he has, but then hes going to tell you, Listen, Im tired. Impart me a violate. And a dog is going to be very honest with you. If he cant effort or its not his daylight, hes going to let you know. This is where the handlers, managers, or whoever is in charge needs to recognize those clues. That method, you dont stop a hound from activity, but you dont overdo it.

I always tell people you need to find a job for your puppy, he likewise stated. Most dogs waste 12 -1 4 hours doing good-for-nothing. Thats more like captivity. A pup wasnt born to be behind walls 24/7 I instead school people the importance of practice and mental stimulant, which becomes handiwork. Thats what makes a dog.

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“Dog Nation” debuts Friday, March 3rd at 9 p. m. EST on NAT GEO WILD .

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