Caucasian Shepherd – How do I continue?

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Tl;dr at bottom.

I have two goals… Goal one would be really reliable recall (basically run to me). Goal two consists of goal one and four actions (one command): come to my right side, sit down, look up to me and lastly, wait for either release or heel command.

Ideally I want this to be reliable even if he'd be offleash in a park, but one step at a time. We just "finished" practicing goal one, the recall, in our large garden with a 5m/16ft retractable leash. (At the end of the post is the method I used.)

But now the problem arises… How do I continue from here?

1) Do I remove the leash and practice just the recall.

2) Do I keep the leash on and start with action one of our second goal (come to my side)?

If 1, can you tell me why? As well as how I can transition to the second goal?

If 2, can you tell me HOW? Considering that he's not food/toy motivated (he really isn't). How do I get him to even come to my side? He's physically too strong and too stubborn to move. I also don't know how to communicate to him what I want. With recall that's easy, but the side of me? I've tried to pull him into position, doesn't work. I've tried to move myself into position, doesn't work.

Additional questions: Should i praise him everytime he comes to me and THEN do the side command? Or tell him to "come" then put into position (how?) and then praise? Or should I practice the second goal inside first without recall? If so how?

If you read all this thanks a lot! I hope I was clear enough.

This is how I practiced recall so far (garden/leash): I let him lead the way and go anywhere he wants to, he can even take his time to sniff for however long he wants. I only allow this under two conditions. 1) Walk at a reasonable speed. If he's too fast, change direction or call to me. 2) Whenever I say "come" he comes to me. He doesn't need to stay, just move towards me and get close. Then he gets verbal praise and a release command (for now).


1) Next steps for training aren't clear to me. Need clearification.

2) Large/strong dog won't come to my right side after recall no matter what I try.

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